Evaluation of Pharmacokinetic Profile of Cirpusins®, Extract of Cyperus rotundus in Presence of Bioavailability Enhancer, BioPerine®

Journal of Applied Biotechnology 2023; 10(1). doi:10.5296/jab.v10i1


The study was conducted to examine the pharmacokinetic profile and bioavailability of Cirpusins® in Sprague-Dawley rats at two different doses (45 and 90 mg/kg) in the presence and absence of BioPerine® respectively.


The AUC0-24h in Cirpusins® (45 mg/kg) with BioPerine® (0.45 mg/kg) was equivalent to Cirpusins® (90 mg/kg) without BioPerine®. The bioavailability of Cirpusins® (45 mg/kg) with BioPerine® was 96% compared to Cirpusins® (90 mg/kg), emphasizing that the Scirpusin A in Cirpusins® with BioPerine® was equivalent to double the dose without BioPerine®.


The pharmacokinetic profile signify that addition of BioPerine® (0.45 mg/kg) with Cirpusins® (45 mg/kg) enhances the bioavailability and reduces the effective dose of Cirpusins® (90 mg/kg).

The results of this pharmacokinetic study suggest that the addition of BioPerine® can reduce the effective dose of Cirpusins® by 50%.

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