Natural, Time-Tested & Safe

As a standardized extract of the Cyperus rotundus rhizomes, Cirpusins® leans on nature to enhance the body’s fat burning mechanisms. Its potency has been observed throughout time and across the world. Recent studies carried out by Sabinsa have proven the safety of Cirpusins® while highlighting its ability to induce a significant decrease in body weight, … Read more

Active Fat Breakdown and Normalisation

Cirpusins® sets itself apart by leveraging multiple mechanisms crucial for achieving effective weight management. Studies demonstrate substantial breakdown of fat with no adverse effects, even at high doses. Furthermore, subjects suffering from obesity showed improved lipid profiles and blood chemistry normalisation. Because of this, Cirpusins® presents impressive potential for weight management applications.

Preventive Action

Cirpusins® acts on weight management far beyond fat burning. Studies have shown it to inhibit adipogenesis, thus preventing the formation of fat cells in the body. This preventive effect, combined with Cirpusins® other key benefits, opens up a whole new approach to weight management applications.